City of Stars (2024)

City of Stars (2024)

Other Name: เฟื่องนคร


Have you ever heard of “Zendaya” application? It’s a social networking app that rules every post to contain only positive content. This limitation from the app concept making it less popular until the hottest villain in Thailand, ‘Fueang Nakhon’, registered and posted the first message saying, “let’s pass on the positive energy to each other”. Zendaya is attacked by a lot of Thai users and immediately becomes widespread…to the point that shaking Zendaya small office in Silicon Valley. ‘Kommata’, the poor Thai employee intending to return to Thailand for vacation has to sit back, curl up, and take care of the app that suddenly becomes popular. Moreover…who would have thought that the cause of the chaos like Fueang Nakhon would ring the bell in front of his house and ask for the meals cooked by his mother.



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