Perfect Mismatch (2023)

Perfect Mismatch (2023)

Other Name: 骑着鱼的猫


Shi Huahua, a wild girl from the countryside, is skilled in martial arts. On her way to the mountains alone for training, she promised her master to do “98 good deeds.” When she first enters the big city, she becomes the spokesperson of a company by mistake and saves the two-faced boss, Zhou Zhifei. The boss is caught in a family feud and his inner trauma has relapsed. A seemingly coincidental yet is actually a story full of fate thus unfolded. The two people’s contrasting upbringing, attitudes and lifestyles are brought together and the two of them gain healing from each other. Surrounded by family, friendship and love, both of them eventually realize the end goal of their life and achieve a beautiful love that best suits each other.




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