Tiger and Crane (2023)

Tiger and Crane (2023)

Other Name: 虎鹤妖师录


This is the tale of a group of teenagers who, for the love of their dreams, brave a chaotic world to save it. Huzi, an optimistic orphan from the mountains, accidentally swallows a red pearl, Yang’s treasure, and becomes friends with Qi Xiao Xuan, a national demon master, despite their different personalities. They are forced to travel together due to the red pearl and befriend others including Zhao Xin Tong and Wang Yu Qian. When Qi Xiaoxuan is arrested to protect Huzi, they become loyal friends. To rescue him, they participate in the selection of the national imperial demon master, uncovering a conspiracy and seeking the truth about a human-demon war from 500 years ago. With the demon army seeking to destroy Earth after five centuries of suppression and the master of the State Demon Division seeking to dominate the world, a group of passionate young people are willing to sacrifice themselves to save Earth when the ambitions of the human and demon worlds threaten cause a catastrophe.




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