You From The Future (2023)

You From The Future (2023)

Other Name: 来自未来的你


Xia Mo, a recent college graduate, dreams of becoming a popular Hanfu blogger. She decides to reclaim her parents’ coastal house, currently occupied by Shen Junyao, the CEO of a tech company who has installed scientific equipment there. After negotiations, Xia Mo and Shen Junyao agree to share the house. Surprisingly, Xia Mo discovers that her upcoming job at “C Station” is part of the same group as Shen Junyao’s company, StanTech. Living together, they initially find each other annoying. Luckily, an intelligent robot named “Starlight” recognizes Xia Mo as its owner, and Shen Junyao gradually uncovers her lovable qualities. Xia Mo’s crush, Lin Heng, starts pursuing her, prompting Shen Junyao to do the same. Shen Junyao takes steps like borrowing staff from C Station and participating in company activities to win Xia Mo’s heart. However, he eventually realizes that Lin Heng’s feelings for Xia Mo are insincere, and his own identity is intertwined with his haunting past.




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